Artificial teeth

What is the MALO Ceramic Bridge?

The MALO Ceramic Bridge is the most technologically and aesthetically advanced form of fixed prosthodontic rehabilitation for the fully edentulous patient.

Aesthetic Advantage

The unique engineering design permits the clinician to offer the patient ideal rehabilitation of not only the dental component, but also the lost hard and soft tissue as well. True natural beauty is clearly evident in the individual all ceramic crowns that compose the functionality aesthetic profile.

Excellent lip and soft tissue support is provided by highly customized gingival replacement supported by the underlying titanium infrastructure.

Functional Advantages over Traditional Implant Bridges

  • No waxing, no investing, no burn out, no casting, no shrinkage, no cutting and soldering are employed in this modern prosthesis construction.
  • Each prosthesis is consistently perfect in accuracy of fit to the implant system employed.
  • The “frame” is produced by from computer assisted manufacturing systems which provide optimal mechanical characteristics
  • The combination of precise fit and high quality materials make the MALO Ceramic Bridge a very biocompatible prosthesis.
  • Designed to be screw-retained, this prosthesis is easily retrievable should repairs be required.
  • Individual computer generated ceramic crowns are also easily replaced.
  • As a fixed (vs. removable denture) solution, the MALO Ceramic Bridge gives the patient the most ideal phonetic improvement and exceptional efficiency in mastication. With improved chewing, taste also improves.
  • Hygiene and therefore health of the supporting tissue is guaranteed by this almost natural dentition.

Production Time for the MALO Ceramic Bridge

Four weeks are required for the technical production of the titanium infrastructure through the special fusion of the individual ceramic crowns. Shipping times may vary by one to three days.

Unique Characteristics of the MALO Ceramic bridge

  • EXCELLENT aesthetics created by individual ceramic crowns.
  • Hard and soft tissue replacement, also with excellent aesthetics.
  • Constructed as a screw-retained implant supported prosthesis, the MALO Ceramic.
  • Bridge is easily removed and replaced should modifications or repairs are required.
  • Designed to be easily cleansable and highly hygienic.
  • It does not require try-ins, so there is less chair time for patient and dentist.

Clinical Requirements

  • Do I have to carry out any special procedure during the clinical appointments?